Wix VS WooCommerce: Which platform has the better themes?


What do you look for in a shopping cart software product? Is it convenience, ease of use or themes available? The truth is, whether you consider convenience, performance or ease of use, the themes available will be instrumental in your decision making. This is because a theme can be the difference between a successful eCommerce website and a failed one. That being said, Wix and WooCommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce website building platforms. So which platform is better between the two? The answer to this question will largely depend on an individual preference and needs. Nevertheless, both platforms are great website building platforms.

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Introduced in 2010, Wix is one of the leading website builder platforms available. And it is estimated that more than 60 million people have built websites using this platform. Hailed as one of the most innovative website builder platforms, there are several reasons why many people prefer Wix to other platforms.

For starters, Wix has numerous design options and is known for its drag and drop builder and a broad range of interactive tools. Getting started on this platform is easy as all you require is a valid email address to create a free website. For a custom URL, you will have to pay for zero wix promotions and a custom web store. Wix’s premium packages range from $4.05 per month to $24.92. The platform gives you three website creation options to choose from; a standard site, blog or a web store. To create an eCommerce site you have to select the web store option.


Unlike Wix, WooCommerce is a shopping cart plugin that works exclusively with WordPress websites. Since its introduction in September 2001, this plugin has been downloaded by close to 16 million WordPress users. Additionally, it is estimated that WooCommerce powers 37% of all eCommerce sites. While the plugin is free to download, it is not entirely free to use. However, using this plugin is significantly less costly than using a website builder platform such as Wix.

For starters, it attracts zero monthly charges and is free to download. The only fee you have to incur is in the acquisitions of add-ons and extensions for your website. However, the acquisition of these extensions is usually a one-time thing. Unfortunately, the plugin is currently only available for wordpress.org sites and is unavailable for wordpress.com sites. Similar to Wix, WooCommerce has many customizable themes.

Wix themes

In total, Wix has more than 500 themes for you to select from. These templates are divided into 70 different categories. These categories include business templates, blog templates, portfolio templates, etc. Wix also offers stock templates that you can use to publish your website immediately and do the necessary customization latter. Moreover, the platform also offers “coming soon” templates for websites that are yet to be launched. According to its many users, Wix has some of the most stunning themes. However, it is not without its demerits. Unlike with other platforms, it’s not possible for you to transit to another theme after creating your site. This means that if you want to choose a different theme, you will have to start all over again. Thus, you have to be extra cautious when selecting a Wix template for your website. However, some of Wix’s templates are mobile friendly.

WooCommerce themes

WooCommerce has hundreds of themes from WordPress and other third party developers. This vast selection of themes is a plus to many web creators. However, it is not recommended to use a WordPress theme on your woocommerce site. In this regard, there is a vast array of themes that are designed to work specifically with WooCommerce website. The themes available for WooCommerce sites are easy to personalize. In fact, WooCommerce themes are among the easiest to customize. This is because you get a great selection of built-in customization tools. These tools can help you add drop-down menus to your site and also change color schemes. Also, with a click of a button you can quickly change the navigation and layout of your Webstore. Premium WooCommerce themes cost approximately $ 40. The platform also offers a free storefront theme, which allows you to add products in the same page you post a blog post on your WordPress.


Regarding flexibility, WooCommerce is more flexible than wix. Therefore, if you are likely to change your website’s theme more than once, wix might not be the best option for you. However, WooCommerce is also restricted in terms of it only working with wordpress.org sites. In regards to theme quality, WooCommerce gives you access to many third party developed themes. These themes are professionally designed and have numerous customization options thanks to WooCommerce’s admin panel. Wix, on the other hand, offers a limited number of themes all of which are professionally designed. In conclusion, wix is the better option if you do not have a wordpress.org site or have no intention of creating one. Contrastingly, if you use a wordpress.org site, there is no eCommerce plugin better than the WooCommerce plugin.

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