Prestashop VS Shopify: Which platform has the better themes?


Creating a custom online store used to be costly and time-consuming. Today, however, you can create your bespoke online store without the hassle of hiring a web developer. This has been made possible by the introduction of eCommerce software solutions. There are various eCommerce solutions to choose from when creating an online store. Of the many software solutions available, Prestashop and Shopify are among the most popular. These two different solutions offer convenience and ease of creating bespoke online stores. So which between the two is better? And more importantly which one has better themes between the two. Read more eCommerce Comparison Reviews


Created in 2007, Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce solution. This solution is free and offered in two distinct forms. Prestashop can either be downloaded for integration with third party hosting, or it can be used with its cloud-based alternative. Though it is free of charge, using this solution attracts certain expenses. For starters, if you are downloading the software you have to pay for the hosting. Furthermore, you might have to purchase costly modules for integrating with the software. Thus, although this solution is free, it can end up costing you much more than other fully hosted options.


Unlike Prestashop, Shopify is a fully hosted online shop builder. As such, it is not free. Shopify offers three packages, basic, professional and unlimited. Also, this solution offers a 14-day free trial. The basic package comes with 1GB of storage while the professional package offers 5GB of storage. On the other hand, the unlimited package offers unlimited storage. All packages come with 24/7 customer support and unlimited products. In regards to pricing, the basic plan will cost you $ 29 while the professional package goes for $79. The most expensive of these three is the unlimited package which costs $179.

Shopify vs. Prestashop themes

It’s a well-known fact that a website or blog’s design and responsiveness play a major part in attracting traffic to it and online stores are no exception. That being said, it is time to consider, which between the two eCommerce solutions discussed above offers better themes. While both software solutions have some pretty impressive themes, they differ in how the themes are created. In this regard, Prestashop being free of charge is community driven while Shopify has professionally designed themes. Thus, in regards to themes, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Prestashop themes

Due to it being a community driven solution, Prestashop has over 1500 different themes, two of which are free. Thus, Prestashop has one of the largest selections of templates. This is a benefit since you have a wide array of different templates to choose from. However, it is also a disadvantage as many of the themes available on Prestashop are not professionally designed. The over 1500 templates on this platform are categorized into premium and certified partners. The costs of premium templates start at $160 while the cost of certified partner themes starts at $85. In terms of quality, it is possible to get a stunning designed Prestashop theme for free. This is one of the benefits of Prestashop.

Shopify Themes

Compared to Prestashop, Shopify has significantly fewer templates. Actually, in sharp contrast to Prestashop, Shopify is one of the platforms with the least templates. The exact number of templates available on Shopify stands at 100 plus. Thankfully, what this platform lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. This means that the 100 plus themes found in this platform are all professionally designed. Moreover, each one of these templates aims to fit into different screen sizes. Shopify offers both free and premium templates. The least expensive template goes for about $ 80 while the most expensive costs approximately $ 180. The customization options available for Shopify themes are numerous. This makes it easy to tweak your online store to your liking.


The debate on which is better, Shopify or Prestashop is one that has been raging on for years. And in all honesty, it’s difficult to pick an outright winner between the two. For starters, while Shopify has amazingly designed themes, Prestashop gives you access to countless theme options. In this regard, if you do your homework you are likely to find a great template in Prestashop’s community-driven selection of themes. Also, you can end up with a free template that fulfils all your needs on Prestashop. Contrastingly, Shopify gives you a limited range of aesthetically pleasing templates. If you are short on cash and are not ready to spend on the acquisition of a template for your store, Prestashop is the platform for you. However, if the quality is what you are after and you do not mind paying extra for a quality template, Shopify is the platform for you. Read about marketing

So in conclusion, Prestashop’s community-driven nature appeals to some people while Shopify appeals to another different class of online retailers. Thus it’s difficult to choose a clear winner between the two as it all depends on what you need for your online store.

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